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Lock2020™ is your daily companion to a secure and easy life managing your passwords and personal information. Approximately 60% of computer users are hacked without even realizing their accounts have been compromised until it is brought to their attention by a friend.



Password generator.

Remembering a mountain of passwords is difficult. Create safe & secure passwords with the inbuilt Advanced password generator. Lock2020 as your companion, you are now stress-free… YAY!.


Universal App across devices.

Yes, Lock2020 app will work for both the handset and the tablet on both platforms Apple and Google (Android release late Nov).
Apple devices sync with iCloud and Android devices sync with Dropbox!


Sync Safely and Securely.

Excellent you say, the app will sync safely between your devices using your secure cloud service. Swiftly providing your data automatically securely when needed.


military grade encryption.

If good enough for governement, then it’s good enough for me!
Built with AES-256bit encryption technology, contains additional security such as a 4-6 digit pin code app entry plus a Secret Answer function too!


Safe and Secure

Built on Military Grade encryption technology named AES, the rate is a high 256bit (meaning quite strong!). Not only will your data be encrypted, a password generator with strength indicator will provide that solid password you need to remain secure with all your various account needs.


Looking good is’nt enough

Being the only app of its kind that looks stylish (if we may say so) but with all this colour Lock2020™ sports a variety of features that aids ease of use, speed in navigation yet light on phone resources.


Sharing is caring

Cloud technology has been integrated for all the platforms released. This function is automatic, securely sharing your data to your devices whether handset or tablet on your chosen platform. No cloud service setup required, It’s never been easier!

Passwords when you want them…
Too many passwords to remember and loads of personal info I need to keep track of. This app is a life saver, keeping me stress free and organised.

Our lives require us to be online for a multitude of reasons including banking, medical care, educational resources and of course work-related activity. Having so many passwords to remember can be difficult, but you do not need to compromise security for the sake of easy memorization.
Instead, consider using a secure smartphone app like Lock2020™ to help you store and protect your most important data.

I found myself constantly guessing my various passwords as well as resetting them… I required a secure location for my reference when needed, thats when Lock2020™ was born 

In today’s digital world, many people store sensitive information on electronic devices. While it may be a necessity to do so, it is important to realize you are placing your personal data at risk.
Knowing this, 34% of people store sensitive data on their phones, including bank account information and work passwords (Forbes, 2012).

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